Pisces Horoscope Weekly 2020

You'll fight against injustice - Pisces Weekly Horoscope for 6 - 12 July 2020

Mars will push you to make small impulse purchases, so keep a very close eye on your expenses


It’s a week of ups and downs for the Pisces who are in a relationship.  This week you’ll only think about how you’re feeling, and you’ll neglect your partner’s needs. This will create some distance between you and your beloved who, wanting to feel loved, will flirt with someone from work. Your wrath will be spectacular, as they’ve betrayed your trust, and you’ll have to decide whether you can forgive them, or whether you’ll have to break up.

Those who are single will feel somewhat melancholic and sad this week. You’ll have days where you’ll want to go out and party like there’s no tomorrow (careful with drinking too much, or you might end up texting your ex!) and other days where you’ll want to seek refuge within your family.

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Your blood boils in the face of injustice. And when this injustice is perpetrated against you, your pain and anger are monumental. Mars in your area of self-worth won’t let your supervisors or bosses try to take advantage of this delicate professional moment to abuse their power. You won’t let them force you to work unpaid overtime.

The creativity the stars will give you by mid-week will be great to create new projects, marketing campaigns or, even, save extra money by upcycling old furniture.

You’ll have to keep an eye out and restrain your desire to waste money. This week you’ll struggle to stick to your budget. If you can’t buy something, don’t turn to loans, just wait until you’ve saved up enough for it. When it comes to investments, Wednesday will be a very fruitful day where you’ll create great professional connections.


During the beginning of the week you’ll receive good news regarding a medical test you did a couple of weeks ago.  Stress will be present some days this week. It will manifest through localized pain in areas of your body such as your hands, or by losing hair. Take conscious breaths and try to have a healthy diet, these things will help you cope.

Your mind will also demand to be trained. Doing sudoku or some art-related activity will improve your mood, making you feel happier.