Pisces Weekly on a sky background with shooting stars

Elevate your vibration to protect your projects - Pisces Weekly Horoscope for 5 – 11 April 2021

You'll be more predisposed to purchases, and to spend for pleasure and not for necessity


When it seems like there’s nothing to discover in your relationship, you surprise each other with new dynamics and interests which will improve your relationship. You’ll keep following the path of life hand in hand, rediscovering each other and trying to improve daily. If you aren’t prejudiced, your fun and pleasure in all their aspects will increase.

Pisces who have recently started a romance will find themselves with a few communication problems with their beloved. Your beau will think, from time to time, that you’re speaking an alien language. Try to give examples and explain the same thing from a different perspective, they will end up understanding you and accepting your proposals.

Those who are single will have worse luck, but only if they want to. The person you like is seeing someone else and jealousy will eat you alive. Instead of hanging on the side-lines, be honest and declare your love for them, perhaps they didn’t even know how you felt about them.

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You’ll have to cleverly overcome the dears and envy that others will try to pour over you. They will question you and try to undermine your morals. Create a high-frequency energy barrier and don’t let them in, don’t let their words take root in your thoughts. Just keep up with your projects and dreams and pay no mind to the opinion of others.

At work, you’ll tend to be lazy, to procrastinate and to do things quickly and skipping procedures just to finish your tasks sooner. Anyone can have a bad week, but if this becomes your MO at work, you’ll end up getting fired.

During this period, you have a lot of energy in your astral area of material possessions, due to which you’ll be more prone to buying things than usual. If you can’t restrain yourself, you might accrue quite a bit of debt in your credit card.


Your head will be the area of your body most prone to suffering ailments: a toothache, a migraine, unsettling dreams and, above all, a bad allergy which will bother you throughout this week. Although it won’t be anything serious, truth is that your health has seen better days.

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