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You'll shut down conservative ideals - Pisces Weekly Horoscope for 4 – 10 January 2021

Your opportunities for expansion will be thwarted, and there's nothing you can do about it


Mercury in your area of friendships in opposition to Uranus will make you discard friends who don’t have a humanitarian and revolutionary ideology. You’ll discard your rapport with conservative people, and you’ll seek freshness and forward-thinking.

On a romantic level the week will start tense and with a great desire for freedom and very little commitment. But this will only take place on Monday, as the rest of the days your area of marriage and relationships in your birth chart will be without any aspects. So, if we look at Venus we will see many positive aspects which will solidify into passion, good luck, a fluid communication and affection.  On the 9th Venus enters Capricorn and today your desire for commitment and loyalty towards your partner will be at its peak.

Those who are single will have everything they need to meet someone eccentric but very sensual and energetic through their close acquaintances or in their class (if they're studying).

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The arrival of Mercury in Aquarius will make you think in a more creative, innovative and agile way. Although by the end of the week, with the conjunction of the planet of Hermes with Jupiter and Saturn, you might feel overwhelmed due to the arrival of many expansion opportunities, but which are subject to some limitations.

A new colleague might transform your rapport with the rest of your team. This new, more open and sociable, side of you, will bring you new friends and an increase of your assets.

Mars joins Uranus in Taurus, activating your area of short trips. Your desire to move to make purchases might deplete your wallet, and we're not even at the middle of the month! Be careful with your expenses, Pisces.


You’ll have to be demanding with yourself and your ego will be rather critical, telling you everything you do wrong. Calm down little fish, you’re doing the best you can and, if you're not, then you should roll up your sleeves and start.

But don’t try to push your body to the limit or pile things on until stress eats you whole. The key to success this week will be to manage your energies so you can achieve everything without suffering an injury or an anxiety attack.

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