Pisces sign on a pink and purple watercolor background

You won't choose the right words - Pisces Weekly Horoscope for 28 December 2020 – 3 January 2021

An incorrigible Pisces appears this week: bossy, vain and hungry for recognition


You’ll have misunderstandings and clashes in your relationship due to your inappropriate use of certain words. It will be your non-verbal expression what will betray your true feelings. Therefore, it would be better if you expressed your opinions and feelings through actions rather than words.

From Friday your thoughts will be tidier, and you’ll start expressing yourself in a more normal and kinder way. Romance will come back to you and your relationship will go back to its harmonious course. But, for Pisces in a long-distance relationship, a very painful breakup might happen.

During the weekend you’ll recover your seduction skills, as during the week any attempt will end up leading to trouble.

One way or another you’ll manage to connect with your dearest relatives on New Year’s Eve.  If will be an arrival of 2021 where you’ll leave behind past quarrels and clashes with friends or your partner in order to plan new projects together.

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The planets will make your work atmosphere quite tense. Especially when it comes to business or trips abroad. Documentation will be requested by a country’s administration, trips will be cancelled, or you’ll have to come back from them much sooner than expected, etc.

At work your attitude will be rather authoritarian (especially if you're in a management position), and you won’t be able to relax and work as part of a team until Friday.

You’ll try to show others that your social and financial status has improved through large purchases. All of this because you crave recognition and admiration from others.


Take very seriously the signs your central nervous system sends you this week, it might be alerting you that something’s not right.

On an emotional level you’ll have moments of frustration and sadness during the week. Treat yourself a little each day to light up the spark of joy and help you feel better.

You might have a little bout of acne due to overeating during family celebrations.