Pisces Horoscope Weekly 2020

A platonic love from your childhood returns - Pisces Weekly Horoscope for 27 July - 2 August 2020

With Jupiter in sextile to Neptune, your intuition will guide you to make successful investments and purchases


Pisces who are going through a crisis in their relationship will need to make a decision: a reconciliation (favoured by the stars) or a breakup if you’re no longer happy with your partner. If you decide to end things with your partner (now your ex), your family and friends will support you so you can get back on your feet. Plus, you’ll discover new kinds of relationships which you might be interested in in the future.

On Monday, those who are single will receive a message from a childhood love who wants to go on a date with them. You’ll realize you were both in love, but neither one dared say anything. The Universe will give you another chance now!

In order to have good luck in love, this week you should wear a read garment or accessory every day. It would also be great if you made rose water at home and spritzed it on yourself before leaving the house.

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This week you’ll have to set 3 alarms if you want to avoid oversleeping and being later for work again. Neptune will be very active creating disruption and it could make sleep get the best of you in the mornings.

A new hire will join your department and will become the centre of attention, which will make you jealous. Easy Pisces, your position isn’t in any danger, how about approaching them and being kind to them? You might get on like a house on fire.

You’ll want to redecorate your home to give it a new air, and you’ll spare no expense. Being comfortable in your own home is very important.

When it comes to money, congratulations! You’re very likely to win a competition you signed up for very recently. Plus, you’ll be very clever and discerning when making profitable investments. But, careful! Tuesday is the day where you’ll be most prone to being the victim of a theft.


A silly slip will leave you with a sprained ankle, which will bother you throughout the week.

On Wednesday the 29th, when you wake up, you should write down what you dreamed, because it might be a very surprising premonitory dream (this will be due to the harmonious aspect between your regent in your sign and the moon in Scorpio).

Strength is one of your virtues. As is getting back on your feet every time you fall down. For this reason, you’ll start looking at designs and ideas for a tattoo which reflects this.