Pisces Horoscope Weekly 2020

You start recovering money and savings - Pisces Weekly Horoscope for 26 October – 1 November 2020

It will be a tense week in your life, but if your relationship is solid, no one will be able to break it


It’s a turbulent week in the love life of Pisces.  There’ll be ups and downs in your relationship due to the meddling of third parties. In this case your life partner will have to be the one to stick to their guns and not allow themselves to be hoodwinked by their exes. This weekend the tune will change, and you’ll be the one who feels attracted by someone else’s magnetic aura. But, on Sunday, the stars propitiate reconciliations and understanding in your romantic relationship.

Those who are single will believe that the “cure” to feel happy and whole is to be in a relationship. This will precipitate the beginning of a new relationship which is unlikely to last through time.

Make the most of an afternoon to play videogames with your beloved, friends or children. Some competitiveness and a lot of laughter will come in handy during this hectic week.

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At work this week will be a bit of an uphill battle: malicious rumours about your company, order cancellations, stressful negotiations with your customers, a build-up of tasks, overtime, agreements between workers and bosses, etc. You’d rather be drinking caipirinhas while lying on a beach in Miami but be patient and take a good break during the weekend so you can recover your strength.

You’ll start recovering some money and you might even open a savings account, as the amount will be more than you expected.  But step on your breaks and, if you decide to spend part of your income, do it intelligently and don’t get carried away by your impulsiveness.

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Stress and anxiety will strike back this week. You’ll be snacking at all times and your muscles will tense up. Take fruit slices from home to avoid crisps or doughnuts, do stretching exercises every hour and take relaxing baths at night rather than a quick shower.

On Halloween, your spirituality and intrinsic magic will be very sharpened thanks to the conjunction of Neptune with the moon in your sign. You’ll want to celebrate and have fun, but also to be serious and pay homage to the dead and to your ancestors.