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Professional expansion thanks to shared projects - Pisces Weekly Horoscope for 25 – 31 January 2021

Your confused mind will verbally retaliate with inflammatory words filled with irony and sarcasm


The conjunction of Mars and Uranus in Taurus, in your area of communication, might harden your communication style, making you too bold and sarcastic. This might cause certain arguments with your partner, as what your relationship requires is stability and not exceeding your limitations (this should be a mutual agreement).

Your subconscious is full of planetary energy making you doubt everyone and everything, even yourself.  About who you want and what you want in life. Plus, this will be enhanced with Mercury’s first retrograde cycle of the year. If you need to reconsider your relationship, or want to make some changes to it, it's time to think about it but not to put it on the table yet.

Those who are single will have an unexpected admirer who will shower them with attention and gifts. You won’t want them as a partner, but they will lift your self-esteem, you might even fall into the trap of your ego and behave in a cocky way.

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Your area of friendships has a very powerful triple conjunction.  There are chances of expanding thanks to friends, colleagues, associations and clubs, so long as you know how to listen and to not put your opinion first. There’ll be more conservative projects and more innovative ones, the exchange of ideas will flow, and you’ll find yourself submerged in a very enriching professional environment.

You’ll struggle to cooperate but, deep down you know that it’s necessary to make your work projects and tasks succeed quickly and optimally. The atmosphere will be filled with enthusiasm and solid goals will arise.

Venus travelling through the last degrees of Capricorn gives you financial stability, savings and financial profit which could transform your surroundings by increasing your social status and helping you meet people from higher spheres.


The full moon in Leo closes a cycle related to your health and routines. Pisces, this is the best period to leave behind harmful habits such as smoking, a sedentary lifestyle or those breakfasts packed with refined carbs.

Your creativity is at its best and the muses will visit you to inspire you.

You might suffer a minor skin affliction, perhaps a blister.

If you have a chronic ailment, it’s likely to get slightly worse.

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