Pisces Horoscope Weekly 2020

Romantic ups and downs and unexpected love declarations - Pisces Weekly Horoscope for 24 - 30 August 2020

The moon's disruptive aspects won't let you be clear when expressing your feelings and emotional needs


Arguments with your partner might make you consider braking up with them. Sometimes you’ll imagine yourself living alone and in peace, without anyone demanding explanations, and you’ll believe you’d be happier. Perhaps this will be because you don’t know how to communicate your emotional needs, Pisces.

By midweek the tables will turn, and the atmosphere will be filled with a romantic and tender atmosphere. You’ll even propose having children or expanding the family (if you already have children). During the weekend you’ll lick your wounds and you’ll decide to love with all your might again.

If you’re single, a work colleague will declare their love for you. If you reject them, they won’t take it well. So, they’ll try to turn everyone against you, making up rumours and creating conflicts.

This week a call from a friend who lives far away will cheer you up.

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Pisces who are self-employed will be very flexible in their tasks and modus operandi.  You won’t want to innovate or change the order in which you execute your tasks. Your supervisors might take this as either a good or a bad thing, it will be an arbitrary perception, but it won’t lead to drastic decisions on their part.

If you have your own business, someone you know will offer that you participate in a local project which will have great impact. Coming on board could be very beneficial for your company. Plus, some high quotes you delivered before might be approved by your clients.

You should check your friendships; someone is taking advantage of your kindness and only calls you up when they need to borrow some money or something.

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Your visual health has had you worried for months now. You no longer see well from afar, but you keep making excuses and putting your eyesight check off. It’s time to take this seriously or your eyesight might keep deteriorating.

Eating at weird times doesn’t help your body. Least of all if you have large, unhealthy meals at night. You should add more vegetables into your diet and plan your mealtimes better.