Pisces Horoscope Weekly 2020

Find work/life balance - Pisces Weekly Horoscope for 23 – 29 November 2020

The aspects of Mars will make you be on constant hyper alertness, and this will wear you down physically and mentally


You might confuse love with desire, or rather than fixing things through conversations, you’ll do it through sex. There will even be times when your libido will increase and you’ll interrupt watching films or doing housework, such as ironing, in order to try and satisfy your sexual needs. Your partner will correspond you and you’ll both enjoy yourselves.

But careful little fish, your duties at work and routines make your beloved feel neglected and they might start thinking that you only want them for sex. Make time for romance or your relationship might head towards a breakup.

Those who are single will feel attracted to someone who outranks them at work, or to a personal trainer at the gym. They won’t be able to get them out of their head. Make the most of this Saturday’s astral alignments in order to throw yourself out there and ask them out, they’ll say yes.

Long distance relationships won’t require a lot of effort in order to work, as both parties will have made a mature decision and you’ll be faithful to each other.

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You’ll promise yourself not to get so involved at work in order to have more free time and to be with your family. But you really struggle stick to this when you know that with some extra effort, the reward will be great. If you don’t organize your schedule well, your loved ones will feel neglected and it’ll cost you dearly, Pisces.

All week you’ll have the feeling that all matters linked to investments and shared finances is going slower than you’d like, as you need the money. Between delays and your urgent need, the wait will drag. But, during the weekend you’ll receive an unexpected sum of money in the form of a gift which will get you out of a pickle.

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With the lunar eclipse, your mind will be going through a sort of “software update”, and although you’ll do your duties at a good pace, truth is that you’ll be reflecting over a lot of things. You’ll be more intuitive, and you’ll better understand other people’s problems.

Your body will be in a state of permanent alert, ready for everything. This will be very physically draining, and, come nightfall you’ll be exhausted. Try to relax and take things easy.