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Your Pisces Weekly Horoscope for 23 - 29 May, 2022

Try to fulfil your commitments as soon as possible, Pisces


Pisces, your Weekly Horoscope recommends you settle any late payments you have as soon as possible. You've possibly accumulated debts just because you weren't able to pay them at the moment. Now that you can afford it, do your best to pay them now.

The longer you take to pay them off, the more they will pile up. Don't let them gradually build up into a mountain you can't afford. Even if it is a big expense, you'll benefit from leaving these responsibilities in the past.


The Weekly Horoscope says this week will be very great for proving your leadership skills, Pisces. Your superiors will surprise you by putting you in charge of a whole team of employees. Their purpose is to observe your performance and consider whether you deserve a promotion.

If you've never faced such a challenge before, be aware of the commitment involved. You'll have to work hard to get the job done properly and to see projects through. You have great potential and this is your chance to show it.


Pisces, this is the perfect season for physical exercise. You could take advantage of these days to invest a little more time in getting stronger. Look after yourself this week.

If you 'e worried about your appearance, doing sport will be the best option to change what you don't like about yourself. It'll improve the way you look and your mental and physical well-being.


Pisces, your Weekly prediction suggests that these days you should lean on your friends. True friends are like a second family which we choose carefully ourselves. If those in your circle are really worthwhile, you'll know that you can always count on their help.

It will be a difficult time emotionally and you'll require more attention and care than usual. Don't hesitate for a second to turn to your loved ones when you need it.

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