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An intense but fleeting love arrives - Pisces Weekly Horoscope for 22 – 28 March 2021

You'll use all of your tools to build a good reputation at work, you'll increase your social status


Your love life appears somewhat turbulent. Especially for the Pisces who are in a relationship. The thing is, at the beginning of the week your partner will be submerged in their own problems and they won’t pay attention to you. Since this will hurt your feelings, you’ll repay them in kind, and you’ll spend the next few days locked up inside of yourself. Towards the weekend the apparition of an old flame looking for trouble will cause arguments and suspicion in your relationship.

You’ll feel your relationship is on the tightrope, but if you make an effort, you’ll see that your other half also wants to sort things out. With affection and communication everything will be cleared up and you’ll feel your bond comes out stronger.

Venus is on the side of those who are trying to get back with their exes, so long as they avoid adding fuel to the fire and stop the reproaches and accusations.

Those who are single will have an opportunity to experience a passionate and intense, yet ephemeral love. From the get-go you’ll know it will only be fleeting, but you’ll get carried away by your desire.

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A cheeky attitude at work will allow you to play the field like a master. Private conversations here, favours there, even a bit of flirting. You’ll use all the tools available to you to achieve a better social standing in your company. Your plan will work, so long as you don’t turn to deceit and lies.

The complicity you’ll have with colleagues, partners and/or bosses will cause the envy of other employees who do the bare minimum.  So, you might be criticized, as you’ll be perceived as a potential threat.

Some Pisces will be less fortunate and will receive the news that their company is reducing staff. You’ll be one of the first to join the coalition to pressure the company into reconsidering this terrible decision.


You'll be a bit reckless, and you’ll give in to excess on different levels which affect your health.  You’ll get carried away by gluttony and lust. An excess of sugar and other substances can alter your mind and intensify your emotions (and they’re already the most intense in the Zodiac to begin with). You must be careful not to lose control in your life and to avoid harmful substances.

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