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Someone appears who will stand out in your life - Pisces Weekly Horoscope for 22 – 28 February 2021

Stop eating just because your bored and, if you have nothing to do, do some squats instead


This week you’ll often bump into someone you only know in passing, or with whom you’ve had but a couple of informal conversations. A colleague from another department, a supervisor or the friend of a friend. You’ll notice how they exercise a certain pull on you, as if you were two magnets. You’ll even bump into them in somewhere outside of the usual placed where you’d expect to see them.

Truth is that this is a person who will stand out in your life. It’s still not clear whether romantically or as a friend, but it is certain that this will mark a before and an after.

Pisces who are in a stable relationship will be thrown off by this kind of encounters. But it’s better to be honest with your partner and to tell them about these coincidences. The thing is that your life partner will immediately pick up on any lies you tell this week.

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There’ll be some changes at work, and this is very likely to affect your work schedule. You won’t have the option to contest or negotiate this, so, if you want to preserve your status at work you’ll just have to put on your best fake smile and nod.

Your work rapports will be especially tense if you work with relatives.  Each one of you will have your own unmovable opinion and you’ll be very far from reaching an agreement.

You’ll have a very keen sixth sense to detect fakers and braggarts. This will be great when choosing your next investment or loaning money to someone.


Your surprised face when you weigh yourself will be pure acting. The number of snacks and sweets you’ll have throughout the week due to boredom will make the number on the scales be bigger than you expected.

If you were trying to put weight on you shouldn’t be happy with yourself either, because this kind of food only makes you accumulate fat on your bum, and we’re sure that’s not what you were after.

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