Pisces Horoscope Weekly 2020

You'll enjoy the peace and harmony at home - Pisces Weekly Horoscope for 21 – 27 September 2020

Having a clear head will help you evaluate your decisions and find better alternatives to your methods


It will be a week where peace and love will reign if you’re married or in a relationship.  You’ll want to spend time at home, enjoying your family’s love and affection. In your sex life tenderness will predominate, and you’ll want to create special moments with your partner.

Your life partner will ask you to take a step forward. Such as making your relationship official, moving in together, getting married or having a baby. You’ll feel pressured but if you express your feelings well and ask for some space, if you need it, communication and understanding will be shared.

Single Pisces might find love at the beginning of the week, if they’re able to open up their hearts and be vulnerable. Because if they keep their guard up in order to “protect themselves against love because of old wounds” they won’t manage to get past the “friendship” threshold.

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The stars will give you a reflective attitude at work. What have you done wrong in your job? What can you improve? How can you react the next time you face unforeseen circumstances? Being self-critical and objective with your decisions and actions will help you be a better professional.

On Sunday you should save some time to go over your domestic and personal finances. Sit down to calculate everything you've spent on whims and restaurants this month, and to plan expenses, purchases and savings for next month.

You’ll seek solutions so you can repay your debts without having to work yourself to the ground. Being financially independent will become a middle-term goal.

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You’ll be exposed to getting a tummy bug, which can be very inconvenient at times. The best way to prevent this is through foods such as natural yoghurt (without additives or sugar), water kefir or sauerkraut. These foods will help you a healthy gut.

You need to connect with your essence, with your true “self” and leave aside your ego or false “self”. To this end the best thing you can do is meditate, research and read about spirituality and awareness. If you're starting from scratch, the guided meditations which can be easily found online or through mobile apps are good starting tools.