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Loving harmony returns to your home - Pisces Weekly Horoscope for 21 – 27 December 2020

You'll be happy to be with your family and your partner, even if a tense argument breaks out during the Christmas celebrations


An argument on the use and investments of your joint assets (money, properties, vehicles, etc.), once you’ve overcome or dodged these obstacles, the rest of the week love and passion will reign in your relationship. As well as mutual admiration and attraction.

Those who are single will enjoy their freedom and sexuality without having to answer to anyone.  Although there’ll be days where you’ll feel nostalgic about past loves, which will sadden you. During the weekend you’ll need your friends in order to evade reality while having some fun.

Family secrets that your sibling has been hiding from you will come to light during the Christmas celebrations. Before you jump on their throats and start reproaching them, listen to their side of things and their explanation for why they hadn’t shared this information with you before.

On Christmas Eve or Christmas day, you’ll be able to use your mystical gifts by reading the Tarot for a relative or talking about the astrological climate for 2021.

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You’ll have great planetary energies moving and in an aspect in your area of work.  From Monday to Wednesday the conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn will create tense moments and heated arguments. Commercial dissolutions or with your partners due to your desire to operate as you see fit without needing to ask for anyone’s permission. Those who are employed might find their salary frozen, or they might even be made redundant.

For the rest of the week, the work environment will improve. You’ll have good fortune and success in your investments. Pisces who had an interview will receive a callback.

Short trips will come up where you’ll learn a lot; you’ll have great ease with languages and the memory of an elephant.


If this year you’ve managed to solidify your new healthy workout and diet routines, this is the perfect moment to look for new methodologies that suit you and your needs.

During the week your immune system will be somewhat fragile, so the horoscope advises you to eat superfoods. During the weekend you’ll be recovered, and your physical health will be great, as will your intuition.

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