Pisces sign on a pink and orange sky with some stars behind it

You'll seek a love that gives you stability - Pisces Weekly Horoscope for 18 – 24 January 2021

You'll be overcome by laziness and you won't be in the mood to carry on with your workout routine


Looking after your family rapports will be your priority this week. Not only will you spend time and effort strengthening your relationship bonds, but with also those with your children, parents, siblings, cousins... The idea of being able to have a big family meal where you can enjoy the love of your loved ones will be going around your head this weekend.

There’ll be moments where you’ll be dragged into feeling nostalgia for an allegedly better past.  You’ll go over scenes and conversations in your head that won’t happen again. If this helps you learn a lesson, then there’s no problem, Pisces; but if the only thing it does is cause you pain, you need to let go of it and come back to the present.

With Venus in Capricorn, those who are single might start trying to woo someone older than them, and who appears very stable, both financially and mentally. You won’t be up for games or comings and goings, you want someone who knows what they want.

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In the shadows, the universe is knitting great professional developments for your career. Although now you cant see it, everything that happened this week has a purpose that will be revealed to you next month. If ou want a clue, you need to pay attention to the signs that will come your way (recurring numbers, feathers, individual words that stand out, dreams...).

Your perspective on finances and investments will take a dangerous course.  Followed by good intentions and your abilities, the decisions you make regarding your finances will probably go very well.


The sun and Mercury in Aquarius set into motion the countdown to your solar revolution. Plus, Mercury will do its first retrograde cycle in this air sign, in your XII house of your birth chart. This is the ideal period to make a balance of this past year: go over all those moments that have marked you, see what lessons you can derive from them, reflect on your mistakes and plan any changes that you think you need to make in your life.

On a physical level, you’ll be rather demotivated to keep exercising and eating healthily. You might eat too much processed food and not exercise at all, Pisces.

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