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Your workload increases at home and at work - Pisces Weekly Horoscope for 17 – 23 May 2021

The energy concentrated in your house IV pushes you to spend more time at home and to want to expand the family

❤️ Love

The predominance of the astral energy in Gemini, in your area of the home and family, will make you focus on your home. And when you come home from work, you’ll also do all of the chores. This will be a huge burden, made even bigger if you have children. The good news it that it’s the perfect time to chat with your partner about the domestic chores and how you share them, potentially reaching new agreements.

Whether if you’re married or single, you’ll think of placing an order with the stork so it can bring you a beautiful baby. You really fancy the experience of being a first-time parent, or to have a little bundle of joy in your arms again.

Pisces, do you not have anyone in sight in your love life? This week you’ll care little for romance, as you’ll prefer to spend your time with friends and family. What you will like are the games of seduction, but you’ll quickly get bored of flings.

💰 Money

We foresee changes that will push you out of your comfort zone at work, especially if you’re employed. It will be more responsibility and, therefore, a change in your routines and tools.

Although, at first sight, you’ll internally reject this new role, truth is that soon you’ll feel very comfortable. Yes, you’ll have more responsibility, but your work will be less burdensome. Plus, you’ll love to have some employees sucking up to you.

You’ll turn your desire to spend money to renew your wardrobe into something creative to modify your outfits. Use dyes, scissors, patches, thread and needles... Give your outfits a new life! The result will be custom garments with lots of character, that will make you stand out.

👩‍⚕️ Health

Check the little breakout on your temples, it’s a symptom that your liver might be in need of a detox. In order to help yourself with the detox, drink a glass of warm water with lime juice and turmeric, before you have breakfast.

The days with most energy for Pisces will be the 17th and the 19th when the waxing moon will be shining on your area of health.

👍 Tip of the week

Amethyst is your zodiac gemstone, carry it with you so it can protect your aura and attract positive things into your life

🍀 Lucky numbers

Your lucky numbers for this week of 17th to 23rd May are:  6, 19 and 64.

🤝 Compatibilities

Pisces, don’t miss your compatibilities for the week of 17th to 23rd May 2021:

Libra and Virgo  in Love

Aquarius and Scorpio  in Friendship

Taurus and Pisces  at Work

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