Pisces Horoscope Weekly 2020

Your professional efforts start yielding results - Pisces Weekly Horoscope for 16 – 22 November 2020

Your partner will demand more attention and intimate moments, you'll have to evaluate whether they're right or not


The first half of the week will be somewhat confusing for the Pisces who are in a relationship. There’ll be some arguments over the lack of alone time you spend with your spouse because of your job. And this will make you reflect on whether your relationship is healthy, or whether you have a toxic co-dependence.

But, when Venus enters Scorpio, all of your doubts will dissipate, and you’ll want a solid and stable structure. Then, you’ll be able to take a step forward in your commitment: Getting married, renewing your vows or even start trying for a baby. If you have a secret romance, you’ll consider not hiding anymore and making it official.

Those who are single might confuse friendship with love, as this person has always supported you and treated you kindly, but, if you look deep within your heart, you will know there’s no real romantic interest.

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Entrepreneurs will see their investment stabilize (whether financial or commercial), and it will start generating great profits. Thanks to your honesty, kindness and good manners, your work methodology will reach the ears of many who will want to hire your services or pay for your knowledge.

On a personal level, if you're happy at work and have been true to your values and good heart, you’ll be able to climb a step in the ladder, thus increasing your power of acquisition. On the other hand, if you’re not happy at work, you won’t seek other job offers because the idea of starting from scratch some place new will make you uncomfortable.

This Wednesday is the best day to research any unmet market demands, and develop novel ideas, services and products to meet them.


Your lungs will be somewhat exposed and sensitive this week, try not to be in the same room with people who have a cold or the flu. You could take camu camu powder with your breakfast, it’s rich in vitamin C and it will help your immune system.

The days of most vitality and energy will be Saturday and Sunday. Therefore, you should make the most of this week to tackle tasks which require a certain degree of physical effort.

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