Pisces Weekly Horoscope on a universe background

Powerful people might open new doors for you - Pisces Weekly Horoscope for 15 – 21 February 2021

You'll seek love and understanding, a pair of arms to make you feel safe and loved


Your nearest and dearest are changing, and you’ll feel overwhelmed. Plus, your feelings will be intense, and you’ll tend to communicate in a somewhat eccentric manner. You’ll struggle to make yourself understood and you’ll go through moments of suffering and confusion.  You’ll have to seek the support of the people you trust the most, and who haven’t let you down recently.

In love you’ll have doubts about whether you still love your partner, but you’ll have enough with everything else going on, so you won’t delve into that yet. Therefore, your attitude at home will be more tender, in your pursuit of affection and understanding, but while giving a lot of yourself for the relationship to keep going and in good terms.

Some single Pisces will find themselves at a crossroads when they realize that they’re falling in love with two people at once. Is this possible? Isn’t there just one soul mate? You’ll have to keep going to find out.

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You’ll meet powerful people, with a serious appearance but who are pioneering investment matters. Use your diplomatic skills to approach them with the intention of listening and learning.  Plus, if you’re honest and polite with your questions, you might even make them interested in your professional profile.

Make the most of your most energetic day (Monday the 15th) in order to tackle the heaviest and toughest of tasks, as the rest of the week your vitality will decrease, and your memory might also play you a nasty trick.


The 18th your season starts, Pisces! The sun enters your sign, but you won’t feel as well as you’d like to. Your energy will still ask you to be reclusive and tackle some matters that are making you suffer. If you still haven’t taken the step of going to therapy, do it, it will be very positive for you. You’ll need help to learn how to manage the emotional roller coaster you’ve been on since last month.

Your energy levels will be low, and you’ll probably get tired faster than usual. A good sleeping routine and moments of disconnection though meditation or practicing some crafts will do you a world of good.

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