Pisces Horoscope Weekly 2020

Self-confidence will allow you to make changes - Pisces Weekly Horoscope for 14 – 20 September 2020

The romantic atmosphere will be detached and less romantic, you'd rather be with your friends and relatives


You’ll put an end to toxic friendships, relationships, family rapports or business partnerships. You don’t want to suffer a second longer. They won’t take advantage of your kindness anymore. Well done Pisces!

The astral energy will make you more detached from your partner. You need more space for yourself, but this doesn’t mean you’ll ignore your spouse. Simply, you won’t be constantly together.

You’ll need to feel the warmth of your family, of your close relatives (the ones you truly love and who are there for you when you need them). But be careful, an emotional wound involving your father might make the atmosphere tense at meetings and family meals and can cause arguments and reproaches.

You will also make some time to be with your friends, you know what they say: friends are the family you choose.

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You’ll notice a turning point where the key thing will be your work.  You’ll have to tear down old structures which are no longer useful and start building new foundations. All of this will have to be aimed at your vocation. Change your job or create your own company, but make sure that it’s a work environment that makes you happy.

With Jupiter straight again, you’ll feel satisfied and useful in projects or jobs where you're working as part of a team towards a humanitarian or social cause. You could lend your support to people who are emotionally unstable, as you’re a great listener and you understand others.

A letter will arrive with unpleasant news: a legal matter won’t be resolved in your favour, and you’ll have to pay a large sum of money you weren't expecting to have to pay.

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Make the most of the energy of the new moon in Virgo on the 17th to restructure, add or eliminate routines from your life.

Especially, those which are related to your health will be benefited: starting a more balanced diet, signing up to a gym, going for long walks with your pet, practising meditation, etc.

If you’ve suffered or are suffering a heart-related illness your recovery will be slow but efficient if you follow all the guidelines given to you by the doctors.