The Pisces sign circled by shooting stars

Venus blesses you with wealth and social power - Pisces Weekly Horoscope for 14 – 20 December 2020

You might willfully lock yourself up at home just to develop your formation and spiritual experience


The first days of this period many breakups might take place among Pisces (whether because you feel limited or because your partner feels that you're neglecting your relationship). Truth is that if your love is true, there’ll be an opportunity to reconcile further down the line.

During the weekend you’ll be more cheerful in your love life, charming but also frivolous. You’ll enjoy flirting and nothing will stimulate you more than an intellectual conversation. You need to have some freedom but also to learn to be constant.

Those who are single will find love if they meet someone with whom to share an ideal.

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The entrance of Venus in Sagittarius and your half sky will give you a chance to set up or work at your dream job/business. To this end, you’ll need a partner who, in truth, is someone you’ve already met but who still hasn’t shown you all their cards, until they’re sure you’ll make a good team.

During the weekend you’ll have to cultivate your patience and lower your expectations, or you’ll end up in a foul mood.  Although the planetary aspects will involve you in a great financial business which will yield considerable profits.

You’ll have to be careful with those around you, as some acquaintances will want to use you for their own benefit. Choose well who you trust.

With the arrival of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius to the XII house of your birth chart, a period starts in which you’ll feel very comfortable in isolated spaces where you can tackle research, work, studies, meditation and spiritual development.


You’ll have a very irritable character throughout the whole working week, which will give place to arguments and anger both in your relationship and at work. Come Friday, a meeting with friends will change your attitude and your face will be more relaxed and happier.

You’ll have unrealistic objectives and goals, which will be too ambitious for your current physical state. But it will help you overcome laziness, avoid excuses and get to work in order to regain your physical health.

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