Pisces Horoscope Weekly 2020

Express the changes you want to achieve - Pisces Weekly Horoscope for 12 – 18 October 2020

Turbulence in your love life due to the existing high risk of infertility


The beginning of the week will be intense, with some arguments which you’ll decide to put on hold and sort out the energy of the moment with a session of sex with your partner. So long as this doesn’t become a usual thing in your relationship, then there’s no problem, Pisces.

By mid-week, everything might quaver as there’s a huge risk of an extramarital affair. It could be that you’ll be the one cheated on, or you’ll be the one to cheat. If you're the injured party, you’ll decide to break up and there’ll be no going back. But if it’s the only way around, you’ll be torn between being honest and holding it in forever.

If you've both defeated temptation, a little weekend getaway will be an ideal plan to strengthen your bond.

Those who are single will idealise their ideal partner and will set out to seek their prince or princess charming, with a long list of virtues that they must have and another one of defect they shouldn’t have. And, naturally, being so picky, they’ll fail in their endeavour.

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At work you’ll feel mentally tired (especially if your job is monotonous). This week will be tough, during September you put a lot of effort and willpower into your tasks and now the energy must be balanced. From now on and until the end of the year it will be like an uphill race.

If your work is linked to IT, this week you’ll have plenty of work and new clients.

You’ll realize that you’re starting to recover some of the money you’ve invested on creating your own company or that you invested on something else.

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The new moon in Libra will make you honest and fair with yourself.  Also, as it will take place on your 8th house of the birth chart during a period of 6 months where you can transform yourself from your very foundation and become whomever you want to be.

Exercising outside or even going for walks, will clear your mind, open your lungs and you’ll benefit both on a physical and mental level.