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You'll neglect yourself while helping others - Pisces Weekly Horoscope for 11 – 17 January 2021

It's an active week full of movement to communicate with several people in your professional sphere


It’s a fun and active week in the love life of Pisces. Where the position of the stars predicts a lot of complicity, cooperation, affection and tenderness for those who are in a relationship. The weekend with the waxing moon in the area of the home will stand out because of its romance and empathy.

Long-term commitments will strengthen your bond, so it’s a perfect time to plan a trip together.  The illusion of creating new experiences and memories will put you in a great mood and fill you with optimism.

Single Pisces will have a chance to start a new romance with someone from a fire sign (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius). Their energy and physical appeal will drive you crazy, but you need to find a lot of balance or you’ll end up putting their needs before your own.

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The new moon in Capricorn with the sun and Venus make good aspects with your regent and the revolutionary duo of Mars and Uranus. This energy can bring you new friends, a change of job or neighbourhood which will propel your career.

You won’t be shy when throwing yourself into new proposals, and you’ll especially like those aimed at improving the community.  During this period, you’re likely to have run around talking to people everywhere to achieve a goal or make your business succeed.

On a financial level you’ll have lots of support from those around you to keep expanding.


Your area of health doesn’t have any planets or aspects, but the opposite area has a lot of astral energy. This might make you focus a lot more on others, on helping them with their projects, on working hard and trying to play psychologist to your friends. And, where’s the time to look after yourself then?

Without realizing it, this week you might find yourself skipping your workout and eating on the go just to be able to be there for others. Remember that your wellbeing must always be above all other things. Don’t skip your workout, continue with your healthy diet, and eat slowly in order to have a good digestion. Don’t forget to spend a couple of minutes a day meditating.

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