Pisces Horoscope Weekly 2020

Your actions will be aimed at having fun - Pisces Weekly Horoscope for 10 - 16 August 2020

You like to make everybody happy but remember that you don't have a magic money tree


The predominant energies will give you great energy levels and self-confidence.  You’ll have a very passionate and sensual attitude. If you’re in a relationship, everything will be fireworks and heartfelt sighs. If you’re single, make the most of these days to go out and meet new people, as you’ll be extremely attractive. But you should be careful and know how to channel this energy well, or you might become arrogant, possessive and jealous.

By midweek your communication with your partner will be very fluid and you’ll both agree that it’s a good moment to go on a romantic short trip.

During the weekend you’ll push bad vibes away from you, and you’ll share your good vibes with those around you. This weekend you’ll find the right balance to have fun, enjoy your partner and spend time with your friends.

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This is a good week to execute projects which require creativity and inspiration. The energy will also be favourable for entrepreneur Pisces to open their own business.

If you’re employed, this week might bring a salary raise. Your involvement and effort will be rewarded.

Your happiness and desire to make everyone happy will make you wast money: romantic dinners, gifts, invitations to go for drinks, etc. you’ll live like there’s no tomorrow but there is, Pisces. By the end of the week, when you look at your bank account, you’ll probably cant to cut the money flow completely.

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Due to the planetary movements this week will have ups and downs. You’ll start with a strong energy both on a mental and physical level, you’ll be in good shape and your body will respond optimally to everything.

On Wednesday your self-esteem might be affected and you might suffer from inferiority complex. This will be due to an unreal feeling of insecurity. Don’t overthink things and remember that no one is less than others.

In the sense of physical illnesses we highlight headaches caused by not breathing properly. Correct your posture and be mindful of breathing from your belly. Whenever you can, practice conscious breathing, until you get into the habit.