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Pay more attention to your body - Pisces Weekly Horoscope for 1 – 7 February 2021

It looks like there won't be good syntony or fluidity in your conversations


Unfortunately, this week’s astral atmosphere forecasts that Pisces will have bad communication with their partner. Not because you’ll argue or insult each other, but because you won’t understand what they’re trying to say and their behaviour will seem a bit strange. You need to try and be as patient as possible, and use all of your emotional intelligence, to avoid sending them packing.

But you know your beloved well, and you know that something’s up and they’re not telling you to avoid worrying you.  Give them some space but show them that you’re there for them through small actions.  Little by little they’ll come out of their shell and they’ll come clean. Whether their problems are big or small, you’ll need to remind them that you’re a team and that you’re both on the same ship, that they can trust you fully.

Those who are single will throw in the towel when they ask that person, they like out for the second or third time, and get nothing but evasive answers.

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You’ve been working (and you’re still working) on projects which aren’t fully defined yet, and which don’t have great planning, but which you’re passionate about. You’re enjoying the process of research this project requires, and you’ll still be making an effort to get it to reach the light, sooner rather than later.

Pisces who work as carers, especially in closed and isolated institutions, will feel overwhelmed by a huge amount of chores and duties. You’ll probably have to work overtime and, due to the stress caused by the situation, you’ll need psychological help.

Venus in your XII House dissolves your perception of money and material goods. Plus, you might spend a lot of money and find yourself in a position where you’ll need to request financial help from a relative. Later on, this loan might become the source of reproaches and fights.


When doing certain routines or exercises your body will be sending you signals that this is not the way. There are movements which you’re doing incorrectly, and some exercises which aren’t in line with your physical goals. Listening to your body will allow you to make improvements and avoid future injuries.

From the 4th, the moon and Neptune will enhance your spiritual side.

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