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Pisces' Personality Traits

We discover what the fish of the Zodiac is like, one of the most dual signs of the whole horoscope.

We are going to talk about one of the three signs of water, the most emotional of the Zodiac, and we warn you that the personality of the Pisces sign doesn't leave anyone indifferent.

Pisces traits: 5 peculiarities of this sign

We let you know what the fish of the Zodiac is like, one of the most dual signs of the horoscope.

1. Emotional

Among the most typical personality traits of Pisces is their emotional predominance, far above their most rational facet.

Any situation that the native of this sign is experiencing will be conditioned by the factor of its high emotionality because  they are people who understand life by the whispers of their heart before than what their brain can tell them.

So, as much as logic can tell them that the proper way to proceed to achieve this or that result is to choose a particular path, if something from within doesn't allow them to stay calm by taking that direction, one of two: they will either boycott themselves by following the guidelines of their logic, or they will finally listen to their hunch and take the path less clear from a rational point of view but more akin to their way of feeling.

2. Thoughtful

Keeping the small things in mind is very typical of this sign, so one of the characteristics of Pisces is their attention to detail.

They have the ability to surprise in general: At work, they bring a less broad vision to the projects in which they're involved and try to focus on aspects that are irrelevant for others,  although, in reality, this may be the key to make everything work much better.

And in the personal field, it's something that makes them the ideal person to surprise with their gestures to their loved ones. They are the typical people who remember the special dates, who succeed in making a personalised gift and who always prove to be attentive to their wishes.

3. Sensitive

And to be thoughtful, you also need to have enough talent to differentiate what matters from what doesn't for people, what makes them feel special and what is irrelevant to them. That is why we can assure that sensitivity is one of the main characteristics of Pisces.

They may have a kind of sixth sense based on which they could appreciate nuances that for many other people go unnoticed. For that same reason, they also have an extreme facility to get excited, as few people could have, even to appreciate the beauty in the simplest things.

For that same reason, knowing what Pisces is like in this sense, it's easy to imagine that quality connects them with the artistic world. In their capacity for emotional expression, this sign can create and move with their work, in a visual way (such as photography or drawing), through creative writing or musical composition and interpretation.

4. Self-protection

And as they have a sensitive heart, composed of pure emotion, it's easy to imagine that they could need some help of specific protection mechanisms with which to prevent (or at least minimise) the damage they may suffer.

That is why one of the characteristics of Pisces' personality is their capacity to create certain barriers when a past situation has hurt enough. In this way, it distances them from the possibility of going through the same thing once again. The problem with this way of acting is that on many occasions, the barrier keeps not only the people they want to protect themselves from away but also those who they wouldn't have to.

5. They idealise the people they love

At this point, after knowing what Pisces is like, what is clear is that the way the native of this sign surrenders to the people they love is truly unique, to the point of falling into the idealisation  of those who are part of their most intimate personal life, especially your partner, parents and children. And they don't conceive failing to see the positive attributes of all of them from a perspective in which everything shines with a special light, and it's the only thing they see.

Sometimes this brings them subsequent disappointment because rarely any person is as incredibly perfect as they try to see them. Still, they also make the life of these people an unforgettable experience.

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