Pisces Horoscope September

You'll seek efficiency through planning - Pisces Monthly Horoscope for September 2020

You'll value your body and you'll want to look after it with fresh and top-quality foods

Love: You’ll need your partner to be your best friend

This won’t be the best month in your love life, Pisces. The astral energies will push you to want more freedom, to enjoy your personal space, hobbies and friends without your partner around. There’ll be romantic and home-centred days, but they’ll be few. You’ll need your beloved to behave more like a friend than a partner.

You’ll want to have stimulated conversations, make group plans, go out and party, and laugh a lot.

If you don’t manage to find this balance someone might end up being unfaithful, which might lead to a break-up. Perhaps you’ll be cheated on, or you’ll be the one to cheat. Remember that any decisions you make this month are unlikely to change in the future.

Those who are single will put on hold looking for that ideal person they've been dreaming of. And they must be willing to be more realistic and not be afraid of giving their heart once again, only thus will they find a true and loyal love.

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Work: You’ll seek to make more money in less time

One of your professional goals for this 2020 is linked to your daily routine: working less and earning more. If, up until now, you’ve not been able to improve your efficiency, with the energy of the sun in Virgo behind you, you’ll be able to put your plan into motion in a very well-organized and time-efficient manner. You’re no longer willing to sacrifice your free time for work.

Everything will go swimmingly and, little by little, you’ll start achieving small goals. The only exception is that things might be destabilized if you have a partner, as we foresee falling outs and arguments. The key will be to look for the greater good, beyond your personal egos.

You’ll also seek to organize your finances so you can repay any debts you have as soon as possible and become financially free. A savings plan would come in very handy.

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Health: New health-related routines

With Virgo’s energy you’ll start having a healthier diet. Meal planners will be very handy when shopping and having a varied and healthy diet.

Surprises and unforeseen circumstances in the middle of the month can cause anxiety episodes. Calm your mind through meditation or by taking long walks through nature.