Pisces Horoscope October

Love awaits you somewhere nearby - Pisces Monthly Horoscope for October 2020

Save your money in a safe place as the sun in Libra will make you trust people who just want to take advantage of you

Love: You need to break out of your routine and experience adventures

Venus (the planet of love) enters Libra in your area of short trips, basic studies and close circles. This gives you a very big hint of where you can find love this month, if you're single.

If you've planned to go for a getaway not very far from your home, then you’re very likely to fall in love with someone from that place, although you might also be able to find your soul mate in your class if you’re studying or doing a course. Whatever the case, what is certain is that it will be a fiery and passionate experience, although it will probably be unstable due to the tense aspects of Uranus with the sun.

Pisces who are in a relationship need a lot of action and fun in order to avoid falling into a boring routine that makes them wonder whether they weren’t better on their own.

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Work: Your financial power will attract sharks

Careful Pisces, this month you’ll be liable to suffer deceit at the hands of people trying to con you, or you might attract people who are only interested in you because of your money. This can also happen with your partners or with investments you carry out. For this reason, you must be very cautious with your wallet, credit cards and savings.

If you're going to carry out investments, make sure you’ve gathered as much information as possible, and that you're doing it with companies you’ve already worked with before, and which you trust. Even then, the stars predict potential losses.

The silver lining is that Mars, in a good aspect with Venus, will give you all the motivation and strength you need in order to carry out your tasks and projects.  Although you’d better work independently or on your own, because your opinions will be unmovable, and teamwork won’t be your strong suit.

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Health: Your thoughts and words will be disruptive

The feistiest of planets will influence you so that you get back into shape, if you haven’t done it yet. You’ll notice you need to exercise your muscles and increase your resilience. Plus, you’ll want to look irresistible but, above all, you’ll want to feel better and healthier in your own body.

On a mental level, Mercury in Libra will make you think in a more equitable and fair manner both towards others and towards yourself. But when expressing yourself, Mars will take the initiative and you’ll be too abrupt and direct at times.