Pisces Horoscope November

You'll seek to create deep and stable bonds - Pisces Monthly Horoscope for November 2020

The good aspect of the triple conjunction with the sun will give you good luck and profitable investments

Love: You’ll need commitment, stability and loyalty

Those who are in a relationship will seek stability in their relationship, and all the planetary aspects will favour it. Saturn’s aspects will make you feel like a team, and respect and commitment will be above all.

Single Pisces will become fed up with their beau’s games and coming and goings. This attitude from the other person will wear your love down and, if they don’t take a step forward, you won’t hesitate to cut your losses and stop wasting your time.

The idea of becoming a parent and having a baby will be very present. If you already have children, they’ll be more rebellious and active than usual during the second half of the month.

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Work: Happy days! Fortune comes knocking on your door

The astrological combination of Pluto-Mars-Saturn in Capricorn will give you great momentum, strength and courage to face all of your tasks at work. But you’ll have to channel this energy to stop it turning aggressive, violent, or authoritarian.

Jupiter and Venus will bring you fortune and an increase in your social status, if you know to make the most of the opportunities which will arise this month. Those who are unemployed will find a job during the second or third week of November.

The 8th is an ideal day to make a large investment in your dreams, whether it’s buying a property or setting up your own company.

You won’t lack money, but you still won’t be able to save and unforeseen expenses might topple your budget for the rest of the month.

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Health: Turn stress and aggressiveness into endorphins

On an emotional level, you’ll have internal waves of thoughts, reflections, and transformations.

With the sun, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio, it’s the best moment to heal past wounds and chase your dreams. From an outside perspective, you’ll appear more serious than usual, but this won’t stop you being the life of the party.

Exercise, little fish! This is a recurring thing in the horoscope, but this month it’s more important than ever. You’ll need to vent, burn off pent-up tension and anxiety, if you don’t want to lose it during arguments. Go for contact sports such as boxing, judo, karate or similar.