Pisces March on a sky background with shooting stars

The flame of love is burning brighter than ever - Pisces Monthly Horoscope for March 2021

After introspection and reflection, you'll have to plan how to achieve all of your goals for this new solar revolution

Love: Romance and passion are still high

The astral aspects in your sign benefit you greatly, Pisces. Although you’ll have to be careful when putting your needs before those of your partner. You’ll be especially sensitive and emotional, and this isn’t a bad thing, so long as you don’t get overly dramatic. Self-love will shine within you, and this will express externally as love towards others.

It’s a period of transformation in your relationship, for the better.  You’ll discover that the flame of love is burning brighter than ever, giving you a great desire for passion, without leaving romance aside.

Those who are single will have better conquest opportunities between the 21st and the 23rd of March, where you’ll have sensual self-confidence. 

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Money: Plan the next steps in your career

We foresee months without changes at work.  What you should do is reflect about what kind of professional future you want. It’s not the time to take action, but the time to check what path you want your career to follow, and to plan the next steps. 

The arrival of Mars in Gemini activating your area of the home, making an aspect with Saturn in Aquarius, can give you the idea or the last push you need, to start working remotely, as you’ll want to spend more time at home.

From the 21st, with the arrival of Venus in Aries, you’ll have financial benefits and will receive material goods. You’ll have to be careful with impulsive purchases.

Health: Your physical state improves, and you have more energy

The new moon in your sign on the 13th gives you the opportunity to send your intentions for this new solar revolution out into the universe.  But you won’t be able to put any plans into action until the spring equinox on the 20th.

When it comes to your physical health, you’ll have more energy than last month, and you’ll start recovering the vitality you’ve been needing. During the last week of the month, you’ll have great vigour and strength.

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