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Plenty of activity and aggitation in your inner circle - Pisces Monthly Horoscope for January 2021

You go from the energy of fire and action to that of air and communication, studies and new ideas

Love: Much leisure and very little room for romance

There’ll be a lot of social movement during the month, which might overwhelm you at times. There’ll be periods of great activity with friends (some friendships might even end, others will transform, and new people will come into your life) followed but some days of isolation to regain your peace of mind and recover your energy. This will also affect your community and teamwork.

Your areas of romance, relationships and marriage remain quiet, without anything interfering. Although you’ll have to find the balance between so much leisure, such an active social life, and your relationship.

At the end of the month, the Venus-Pluto conjunction will make someone close to you transform some aspect of your personality and this can affect the way in which you perceive your relationship.

The second and fourth week of the month will be where you’ll experience te most passionate and idyllic moments of romance.

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Money: From the practical and rational to the idealistic and revolutionary

Mars in Taurus will activate your area of studies and, in an aspect with Jupiter, you’re very likely to decide to study new courses or resume your studies. But you’ll do so using technology and from home, without needing to come into contact with anyone.

Towards the middle of the month, Mercury in Capricorn will give you a sharper, more curious mind, with a great focus and an even greater memory. Pisces, you’ll be very practical, and you’ll know how to organize yourself well.

Afterwards, Mercury will enter Aquarius and, due to your natural empathy, if groups or associations arise which you deem improve society, you’re likely to join them and become a part of a greater movement which fights for change. Careful, because you will want to invest on the cause with money and you might spend a lot more than you can afford.

Health: You’ll preach your opinions about health everywhere

Your area of health is without aspects but, due to the duality, it will be a matter of greater importance for you. But not on an individual level, rather on a collective one. You’ll send many messages through words and texts wherever you can, preaching your opinion on the global state of health, whether under the subject of illnesses, nutrition, mental health, sports, etc.

The days with the most energy and vitality will be at the end of the month, with the full moon.

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