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It's a period of spiritual introspection - Pisces Monthly Horoscope for February 2021

You'll shower your loved ones with attention, but you'll forget your own tasks and needs

Love: Don’t forget yourself

The new moon and the sun going through your XII house dissolve your perception of the “self”.  Plus, with the arrival of Venus also to this area of your birth chart, your goal this month will be to spread the love all around. Your generosity will know no bounds (which isn’t good either), and you’ll worry about your loved ones. You’ll act as if you were a servant, trying to sort out all of their problems, lending them money, tidying up their houses, running errands for them... You’ll be the perfect butler.

Before you know it, you’ll be bent over backwards because you won’t have had time to finish your tasks. If you had to make an important purchase, you won’t have enough money for it, and don’t hold your breath waiting for someone to lend you some help. Others will take a complacent position with regards your attitude, and they’ll let you carry on while they enjoy their free time (even your partner).

Be careful with this energy, Pisces, or you might lose yourself from putting the needs of others before your own.

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Money: You’re still committed to your tasks

Work will have its dark side, out of sight from others, hidden... This can make you involve in illegal jobs or work: money under the table, undeclared income, employment without a contract, etc. Careful with going down this path, although at a first glance it will seem beneficial because you won’t have to pay taxes, later on it might bring many problems.

You won’t be especially talkative at work, you’ll prefer to do your thing, focus on being efficient, prove your worth through your actions. Although you’ll keep helping your teammates if they need it.

Health: You’ll need more rest than usual

You’re going through a period of investigation regarding the spirit and, as you move forward you encounter some answers but even more questions. Therefore, if you’re thinking about making yourself a birthday gift, the best thing would be to invest that money on continuing down your path of self-discovery.

Your physical health might not be going through its best moment, give yourself this a lot of rest, peace of mind and self-care throughout this whole month... Plus, you’ll probably notice that you need more hours of rest and, even then, you won’t perform at your best.

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