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You'll have to adapt to change in order to triumph - Pisces Monthly Horoscope for December 2020

You'll enjoy great optimism and enthusiasm in order to overcome unforeseen circumstances at work

Love: Fun with others will strengthen your relationship

In your relationships, there’ll be surprises which might be good or bad due to the aspects of Venus with Uranus. Everything will hinge upon your degree of commitment. With your spouse, if you know how to stimulate each other intellectually, and know how to have fun with other people, then love will triumph.

Those who are single will have several romances (even simultaneously) and will enjoy their sexuality and independence.

The triple conjunction in Capricorn will have many good aspects during this month in your area of friendships so, for you, this will be a priority. And, before the year is over, you’ll realize who has been loyal and who were by your side only for their own benefit.

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Work: You’ll have to adapt to changes in order to triumph

Jupiter in conjunction with Saturn and in the quadrant with Uranus in your area of projects and communication can make things very difficult for you at work. Your professional projects might crumble or encounter several obstacles. You’ll have to learn how to adapt and reformulate your processes or results several times. This might give you a rather explosive, but determined personality, which helps you sort things out in the end. If you know how to flow with this energy in a positive way, good fortune and abundance will come to you.

Pisces who have their own business will have many arguments if they have a partner, due to their desire to do as they please without consulting anyone first. This might cause the dissolution of the partnership.

You should make the most of the first 15 days to make big investments, as good luck will be on your side. This will also be a period where those who are unemployed will find a handsomely paid job.

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Health: You’ll enjoy great optimism and vitality

Mars’s good aspects in your area of self-worth, and Mercury entering Sagittarius in your area of vocation will give you a great boost to focus your mind and energy on what you want to achieve. You’ll be quick-witted, vivacious, talkative and your enthusiasm and optimism will lead to you overcoming any barrier which stands in the way of your goals.

This will give you great physical, mental and spiritual vitality. Your physical health will be optimal, and you’ll want to experience a thousand adventure.