Pisces Horoscope August

Reconciliations, passion and sensuality in your love life - Pisces Monthly Horoscope for August 2020

The sun's good aspect with Mars in your financial area promotes new income through creative jobs

Love: Romance and passion will be linked to your self-esteem

In your relationship a reconciliation might take place after a crisis (this is favoured by the stars) or a final breakup could happen instead, when insecurity takes a hold of you and you catch your partner in a few lies. This will lead you to believe they might have been unfaithful.

If you work on this negative energy and transform it into less aggressive communication and more exchanges, the planets forecast a very passionate and sexual month for you. On the last week of August the atmosphere will be drenched in romance.

Single Pisces won’t have Cupid on their corner, at least not the way they’d like to.  As they might fall in love with someone who’s already married or with a colleague who will try to ruin their lives after rejecting them.

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Money: Your creativity will fill your bank account.

At work, you’ll have to be careful not to spend the day chatting and gossiping with your colleagues. For two reasons: if your supervisors see you, they’ll think you’re not paying attention to your work, plus, you might be a part of a conspiracy against someone else. The best thing will be to stay out of it.

If you know how to make the most of your creativity and inspiration, and apply it to your work, success will come to you in the form of a salary raise. You’ll be very clever and will have a keen intuition when making profitable investments.

Pisces who are employed will dream of their holidays, or will enjoy a well-earned one. While those who are unemployed will find a couple of very contrasting job opportunities.

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Health: Improve your physical posture to avoid ailments

Minor health problems will ail you all month. One will be followed by the next and it’ll seem like you’re only 100% well on very specific days this month. All of these ailments (cervical pain and headaches) will be linked to your bad posture.

The last few days of the month, with the combination of the Moon with Pluto, making harmonious aspects with Mercury and Neptune, you’ll connect with your more mystical and spiritual side, allowing yourself to be carried away by your feelings and practising some spells or techniques linked to occultism or witchcraft.