Pisces April on a sky background with shooting stars

Perseverance will be the key to success - Pisces Monthly Horoscope for April 2021

The stress and anxiety of the first few days will give way to stability and laziness

Love: Be grateful for your partner’s help and support

The first fortnight of April you practically won’t have time to look after your relationship.  You’ll be rushing back and forth, your partner will be there to help you with anything you need, and you’ll notice it, but you won’t have enough time to thank them for it. Routine and some other matters will take up all of your time and it will feel like you live in a constant, never-ending race.

But during the second half of the month, you’ll see that there is a finish line and that you’ve reached it safe and sound (although you’ll need to recover from the marathon. Then you’ll be able to pay attention to and cultivate your love the way you should. It will be a quiet moment, full of displays of affection.

Those who are single will find an opportunity to start a relationship with someone older and divorced, who doesn’t have any children.

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Money: Multiple trips and meetings

The first half of this month of April you’ll be absorbed by the constant bustle of trips, conversations, chats, emails, meetings and strolls. The rhythm will be frantic for all Pisces whether employed or not. Plus, some will have the misfortune of having tests and exams during this period. To stop this stress from wreaking havoc on your health, you’ll need to organize yourself very well for this first fortnight and stick to your schedule.

The second half has a calmer and more stable energy which will be sustained through tie. In this period, you’ll be able to relax a bit, but not too much, otherwise laziness will take over you. The best thing would be to take a couple of days off so you can regain your strength.

Health: Control your appetite and overcome laziness

Gluttony and laziness will be your capital sins. There’ll be many days where you’ll get dragged into temptation and sugar-coated whims full of saturated fats. You could eat an entire bag of crisps while you watch a film, sitting on your couch knowing that you haven’t exercised in days.

Perseverance will be the key to success. Reward yourself with an ounce of dark chocolate after a hard workout, this way you’ll kill two birds with one stone.

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