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Professional prosperity and financial abundance arrive - Pisces Horoscope 2021

We foresee a very good year for Pisces, where they'll have a lot of free time and their relationship will go swimmingly

Love: With thing cleared up, harmony arrives

At the beginning of the year any discomfort which has been slowly building up in your relationship will come to light. The thing is, some of your partner’s actions don’t help at all, it could be actions at home or attitudes towards your relatives. You’ll put all your cards on the table, and you won’t rest until you’ve cleared the air.

After this, there won’t be any heated arguments and love, harmony, commitment, optimism and a fulfilling sex life will prevail.  Although by the middle of the year you might have been somewhat standoffish, as you won’t understand all of your own feelings (due to your personal and spiritual evolution), and this will prevent you from fully understanding the feelings of others.

Those who are single will be very attractive and charming, especially in June and between mid-July and mid-August. In this period your romances and flirts will take the spotlight. A transformative relationship might arise, but careful, Pisces, because a “friend” will try to sabotage this love.

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Money: Pleasant surprises and wealth will go hand in hand

This year you’ll be aligned with who you are and what you want to do, because you’ll feel a liberating sensation. Your intuition will keep guiding you this 2021, but small goals will start materializing.

You’ll have grateful surprises, such as finding a job where you’ll meet new and interesting people who will boost your career. A raise or promotion will give you great chances of finding wealth and prosperity.

It’s a good year to start studying or go on that trip that will change the way you see life.

Health: Look after your teeth or you might have problems

Your area of health is calm due to which we don't foresee any illnesses.  You’ll be able to work on your health habits, little by little and with a good disposition. You’ll surely break your workout routine more than once, or you’ll stuff your face from time to time, but you’ll get back on the horse straight after.

Summer is when you’ll have to be most careful, as you might suffer a long period of laziness or dental problems.

You’ll keep redefining many concepts about yourself, your values and thoughts due to your spiritual awakening.

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