Pisces Horoscope 2020

Your Pisces Horoscope for 2020

Your Pisces annual prediction

Love: If you’re single, you’ll play the field

New friendships and contact networks will appear throughout the year, as the stellium of January will happen on your area of friendship, collective projects, community and teamwork.

You’ll find love in every altruistic and kind act you do, just for the sake of helping others.

The universe will put your friendships to the test. Those that are built on superficial bases won’t survive. And those that do, will be strengthened.

From May onwards, you’ll find more joy in your home and family. You’ll be more compassionate and understanding, and you’ll be at your family’s disposal for anything they need. Not as an imposition, but because you want to.

Romance with your partner is ensured for the whole year,  as well as a better rapport and communication with your children.

If you’re a single Pisces, you’ll meet a lot of interesting people, especially up until May, and you’ll be able to have some fun romances with no strings attached. But there’s no indication that you will start a committed relationship.

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Money: Innovation will lead to success

The energies will influence you to show your most innovative side at work, whether it’s by leading your own project or by leading a task force (even if you haven’t chosen to be the one responsible for this).

You’ll be successful if these projects take place in a technological or online environment. Networking will be a part of your daily life and you’ll meet professionals who will show you doors you didn’t even know existed.

Money won’t be a priority for you this year (in the sense of something that gives you lots of benefits or allows you to buy lots of material things). But you won’t suffer financial losses either.

You’ll partake in a cause you consider important to improve the lives of others or protect the planet. Charity will be your banner.

Health: Finding balance is essential

You need to find a balance between your public and private lives. But when you feel overwhelmed you’ll need some time to disconnect and be alone to recharge your batteries.

Communication will flow lovingly, so this year is great to do therapy to heal old wounds or improve your self-esteem, it will be very beneficial.

But be careful little fish, if you demand more of yourself than you can give you’ll probably wind up with psychosomatic health problems and will turn to mind-altering substances.