Pisces Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Discovering your birth chart will help you know yourself - Pisces Horoscope for Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Mercury in sextile with Venus propitiates a fluid and romantic conversation, full of compliments and smiles


The snoring of your partner (or their tossing and turning) might wreak havoc on your sleep this morning. For this reason, when you wake up, you’ll look at them resentfully and you won’t be too happy. Don’t be angry little fish, anyone can have a bad night. If you can, take a nap after lunch so you can recover your good mood.

At night your partner will be more romantic and affectionate than usual, and you’ll forget about the grudge you were holding because of your bad night. Cuddles and lovely words will take you to the bedroom, where you’ll carry on playing between the bedsheets.

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Your temper and frustration might be reaching new heights at work, Pisces.  You don’t deserve this unfair situation; you’ve brought so much to the table and you've worked so hard. You’ve practically lifted the company from the ground after years of bad management.

And, instead of being rewarded for it (or at least receiving an acknowledgement), the only thing they do is keep piling on work. You're getting to the point where you’ll have to choose whether to grin and bear it or start looking for a new job in another company.

There are a couple of light fixtures at home that haven’t been working properly for a while. LED light bulbs aren’t that expensive, little fish. But the idea of going to buy them and then having to change them puts you off.

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The energy of the harmonious aspect of the triple conjunction with the sun will make you curious and you’ll want to investigate how you can get to know yourself better and understand yourself as well. The best tool for this is knowing your birth chart. There you’ll be able to see your potential in every area of your life and which aspects you need to work on.

Your physical health is thwarted because of your lack of sleep, you’ve not been able to rest properly.