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You'll feel very proud of yourself - Pisces Horoscope for Saturday, January 9, 2021

It's a day where your partner will play a key role in your personal growth


This Saturday’s astral configuration will allow Pisces to grow side by side with their beloved. You’ll experience changes on a personal level thanks to your shared conversations and activities. You’ll both support one another and will offer different points of view, asking yourselves what will help you evolve as people and in your relationship.

If you have little children, a fight, argument or the breaking of an object or piece of furniture will make your patience run thin. Right now, you could behave in one of two ways, telling them off in such a way that all the neighbourhood hears, or going out for a walk to breathe and gather your thoughts.

Those who are single might mess up due to their excessive confidence with someone who is already in a relationship.

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You’ll feel confident throughout the day in light of your productivity and hard work. Setting small tests for yourself and seeing how you overcome them with relative ease. At the end of the working day your chest will be full of pride.

Pisces who are entrepreneurs can use this energy to come up with and implement new methodologies to make their company or business more productive.  If a problem arises, your inspiration and intuition will guide you so you can fix it.

When you go over your Christmas expenses you might be surprised to discover that you haven’t spent as much as you thought you had. You might have some money left over in your account, which will come in very handy over the next few days.


You have some weak points which you need to keep working on.  Not because you’re better should you stop making an effort or give up on your routine. Whether it’s recovering from an injury, a personal care routine, improving your posture, etc. You shouldn’t leave it aside, little fish, triumph lies in consistency.

If you’re doing a new diet you might feel somewhat lot within the chaos of information. The best thing is always to consult a professional.

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