Your day will feel like an emotional roller coaster - Pisces Horoscope for Tuesday, February 9, 2021

You'll go through all possible emotions and by the end of the day you'll feel exhausted because of it


Pisces who are in a relationship will experience a day where they’ll go through every single possible mood: from pure joy, to passion, to jealousy, to anger, to shouting, to reconciliations. Emotional ups and downs will affect both parties in your relationship, and every conversation will be a surprise.

As if it were a wheel of fortune that turns every hour and indicates what scenario you’ll encounter, both of you will end the day feeling exhausted and confused. It’s a strange day which will be better forgotten.

Single Pisces will also play, but against themselves.  They’ll challenge themselves to win over the heart of someone they believe to be out of their league.

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On a professional level there will also be a lot of things going on, if you don’t have a managerial position, the best thing to avoid conflict will be to follow orders, agree with anyone who thinks they’re right and get on with your tasks. If you blend into the background, you’ll go unnoticed and you’ll avoid many problems.

If your task is to manage a task force, or if you're part of a group of partners who own a business together, then some risky proposals you wanted to implement won't seem so wise today, and you won’t know how to back out of them.

If you belong to an association or club, you’ll realize that certain people in that place don’t bring anything good to the table. They tend to be very negative, radical and somewhat aggressive. Evaluate whether it’s really worth it to keep going to those meetings.


When someone talks to you about their ailments, you’ll pay attention to that part of your body and you’ll believe you’re also feeling pay.  Don’t be such a hypochondriac! Your health is strong and, if those small problems have disappeared by tomorrow, then you really shouldn’t worry about them.

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