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Someone will need your support - Pisces Horoscope for Wednesday, December 9, 2020

You'll be more distracted than usual, so a schedule or to do list will come in very handy


People like having others look after them. You do too, even if you don’t always express it in words. If you know that your partner or friend is worried about anything, you try to cheer them up or have a small gesture towards them, to cheer them up.

But, at times Pisces, people need to talk, vent and curse just to feel better. We know you soak up the pain of others and, for this reason, you tend to put up walls around you at times.

Today will be one of those cases, actively ask and listen. Understand the other person and try to console them and give them strength. Their eyes will reveal how much you've helped them.

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You’ll be able to overcome any obstacles that may have arisen yesterday through original, yet risky, ideas.  If you're self-employed, you won’t hesitate to put these solutions into place. But, if you work as part of a team or have a boss , others will be sceptical and you’ll generate controversy. In the end, you’ll carry out what you intended even if you have to disobey a direct command, and it will turn out so well that they won’t be able to tell you off.

It’s a positive day full of good fortune for those who work with children: teachers, paediatricians, social workers, NGO volunteers, etc.

If you’re doing higher studies, whether it’s a career, degree, masters or PhD, you’ll be in very low spirits if this isn’t something you really wanted to do but, rather, something your parents or society expected you to become.


With the sun in conjunction to Mercury and both in a tense aspect to Neptune, you can feel overwhelmed for a few days, and to be more distracted and forgetful than ever. There’ll be several days throughout the day where you’ll forget where you were going or what you had to do next. A to-do list or a schedule will make things easier for you today and, even, the rest of the week.

On a physical level, you’ll have a lot of energy and you’ll be in great health.

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