Pisces Horoscope Sunday 2020

Overflowing sensuality and libido through the clouds - Pisces Horoscope for Sunday, August 9, 2020

The Neptune and Pluto sextile creates interest on mental control and occultism


Sometimes you mull over some thoughts too much.  Stop worrying about how long your relationship will last or what others might think. Just enjoy the love and affection you’re experiencing right now. Remember that happiness exists in the here and now.

Mars will be in conjunction with the moon and your sensuality and libido will be enhanced. What better way to end the week than by enjoying your partner before going to bed?

If you're single, a friend will declare their love for you, but you’ll turn them down, as you only see them as a friend. Be very tactful when you tell them, or you might lose a valuable friendship.

It will be a great day to teach your kids a valuable lesson. Take them to a museum or to a building with remarkable architecture.

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If you have your own business, you’ll spend your Sunday doing inventory. It’s not the best plan but needs must. Make sure to take an hour break in the afternoon to have a drink with a friend, this way you’ll be more motivated.

Any money you invest in culture is money well spent.  Find out which museums are open today and go visit them with your entire family. From the Horoscope we recommend you see if there are 2x1 tickets before you go, you can find out online or by calling them, this way you’ll save money.

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Pisces, did you know you can control your dreams?  Yes, you can be the protagonist of your own film where you can do whatever you want. Learning to have lucid dreams can be very helpful for stopping a nightmare or, simply, to enjoy doing things you couldn’t do in your real life, such as flying.

There are several tricks to help you realize you’re dreaming: count the fingers in your hand (there won’t be 10), pinch yourself (it won’t hurt) or look at the clock (it will be distorted or when you look away the time will have changed).

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