Pisces Friday on a sky background with shooting stars

You're assailed by doubt but you have to make a decision - Pisces Horoscope for Friday, April 9, 2021

All the gratitude and compassion you have towards others will return to you in the form of abundance


You’ll be stunned when some of your new friends express their political opinions. The thing is their position is radically opposed to yours. Even their ideals will seem offensive to you, due to which you’ll consider leaving the group.

Pisces who have recently started a relationship will feel in their hearts that something isn’t well.  There are things about that person that you like a lot, but others displease you greatly and you don’t think it’s worth it to put up with them. You’ll need to make a decision over the next few days, this way you’ll avoid wasting your time and that of your partner.


You’re fighting to make your name or your company’s name be a synonym for quality.  Dropping your prices drastically isn’t a good choice for that. If you sell quality (which you do), they need to pay you accordingly. If you do your job well and it’s immaculate, no matter how high your prices are, you’ll never want for business.

Someone close to you will tell you about their very bad financial situation, your compassion will come to light and you’ll look for ways to get them a job or to help them earn some extra money. You light and high vibration when helping others will be like a beacon for the universe which will return anything you give threefold.


You’ll really want to sign up to a competition organized in your neighbourhood or village, whether it’s a race, gymkhana, a football or pentaquin tournament, or a cooking tournament.  Especially if you can enjoy this event with an elderly relative, you’ll want something that is competitive, but which allows you to enjoy the time spent with that person, and have fun creating beautiful memories.

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