Pisces Horoscope Thursday 2020

Control your emotions so you can control your words - Pisces Horoscope for Thursday, October 8, 2020

With Mercury in shadows, the conversations you have these days will resurface by mid-November


This Thursday’s multiple tense astral aspects can bring breakups and divorces. Your attitude today will be very abrupt and arrogant. You might love freedom more than you love your partner, and this might translate into a breakup.

Your behaviour will continue as it was over the past few days: very individualistic, irritable, whimsical and explosive, which won’t do you any favours.

But the bright side is that Venus and the moon have harmonious aspects. Therefore, this other energy will want to preserve the love and routine you have in your relationship. These will be to opposing forces that you’ll have to deal with. Knowing this you’ll be able to understand why you have so many conflicting feelings today. The best thing will be to avoid making any decisions you might regret later.

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The energy of opposition will also affect your area of partnerships and work.  You’re likely to have arguments with a partner, boss or colleague. You’ll have chats over different points of view which might take a nasty turn. But once things have cooled down you’ll realize it was a pointless argument and that fighting over it wasn’t worth it.

If you’re on a tightrope at work, you’ll probably get the sack you’ve been dreading. Don’t be saddened, Pisces, in what remains of the year you won’t struggle to find another job and you’ll find many interesting job opportunities.

After what you’ve experienced at work you might decide to put more money aside than you had planned to this month.

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Any ailments linked to your central nervous system are likely to ail you today. You might suffer an anxiety attack if you get overwhelmed by anger and frustration. Remember that if you control your mind and learn to calm it down, you’ll be able to control your mood.