Pisces Horoscope Sunday 2020

Romantic drama won't lead anywhere - Pisces Horoscope for Sunday, November 8, 2020

Mercury in tension with the triple conjuction will cloud your sense of manners and diplomacy


You’ll have a tendency to cause drama in order to get attention. In your love life it will be a painful day where there’ll be arguments about your hedonism and vanity.  There might be breakups, divorces and plenty of disillusionment. But you won’t be able to see your part off the blame, which will polarize your opinion and posture even more.

For this reason, it’s not a good day to start a relationship, commit or take an important step in their relationship.

You might even find yourself ghosting your life partner just to avoid having to give explanations. Pisces, this is a rather cruel thing to do if the other person hasn’t done anything wrong. Everyone deserves at least some sort of explanation.

If you have a pet, keep an eye on it because it might escape and come to harm.

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The quadrant between the sun and the moon tenses your aspects between the world abroad, your studies and work.  Trips might get cancelled, you might study for an exam but not be able to remember anything, and you might make the wrong decision regarding your job. For example, you might send a rude message or email to your boss stating your opinion on how they perform their job, and it might even contain your resignation.

Being overly optimistic, you’ll disconnect from reality and you’ll waste money left, fight and centre. Plus, if you make a purchase or go to a restaurant, they’re likely to overcharge you due to an IT error, and you won’t even notice it.


The astral influences will also affect your health, making you overeat and drink too much. Between this and your despotic attitude today, anyone sitting at the table with you will behave in one of two ways: either they will say “yes” to everything just to play along and avoid arguing, or they will bite their tong and will look away, or constantly stare at their mobile.

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