Pisces Horoscope for Monday on a universe background

Opportunities abroad will arise - Pisces Horoscope for Monday, February 8, 2021

You'll be somewhat taciturn, and a friend who listens to you will help you feel better


In a conversation with your partner or friends someone will enquire after a relative of your that you haven’t mentioned in a long time. You really miss that person because they’re no longer with us, your tears will show that thinking about their loss still hurts you, and the other person will apologize and will try to comfort you.

This could tarnish the rest of your day, leaving you in low spirits and looking at everything through a grey lens. If you need some time alone, take it, your beloved will understand. Overcoming a loss is tough due to the attachment we feel, but one must keep moving forward without forgetting the good times,

Pisces, your mood won’t be very conducive for work, but you won’t make a big deal out of it either. You’ll prefer the calm of silence and the hugs of your loved ones whenever you need them.

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This Monday the moon in a harmonious aspect with Uranus, so there’ll be a positive environment and good communication with your colleagues. Although you won’t be especially talkative, whatever you express will be clear and fruitful.  Sometimes it’s better to be concise and straight to the point than to mull over a concept to then not make it understood at all.

Mars is in a good aspect with your regent, Neptune, bringing you opportunities which could lead to investing abroad or moving to another country for a while, if that’s what you’ve been dreaming of lately.

Your relationship with money is changing, and where in the past you would have spent money recklessly, now you prefer to save it.


The waning moon will favour you if you have to undergo a surgical procedure, all will be well.  Your recovery, although potentially slower than you could have imagined, will be definite.

A friend will help you greatly today, as if they were a psychologist, they’ll listen to you without judging, and they’ll help you vent.

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