Your Pisces Horoscope for December 8th

Your Pisces prediction for Thursday, December 8th, 2022

Pisces, the lucky numbers and compatibilities for today are already here for you. No need to keep guessing; you have the answers at your fingertips.


Pisces, getting attached to the past again will jeopardize your romantic relationships. If you have a partner, they might have reached their limit from listening to you so much. Reliving over and over again what happened with past relationships is somewhat offensive; focus on what you have now.

If you're single, your inability to get over yesterday could ruin your relationship with your potential partner. This is what happens when you're unwilling to forget.

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Pisces, be very careful if you have cash on you. A slip of the tongue could cause you to lose a few notes. If you're going to take cash out of your pocket, try to do it discreetly.

Not only could you drop it if you're careless, but it could also be stolen in a simple move. It would be wise to carry it in some sort of wallet or fanny pack in order to secure it. You need to be more prudent when it comes to finances.


Today's prediction advises you to show more indifference in the work environment. Always worrying about the welfare of those around you could end up hurting you. It's possible that a colleague will be reprimanded by the boss for having performed a task badly.

Your sense of duty might compel you to intervene, but you should stay out of it for once. If you get too involved in these matters, you'll end up in serious trouble.


You'll have an exceptional day today, Pisces. Why don't you go out and spend some time with your colleagues? If you go out with them, you'll be able to get rid of the stress of the whole week. What you need most right now is to disconnect a little, and you know it.


Today you'll look better than usual. You'll feel happy and satisfied every time you look in the mirror. Hopefully, you'll be able to maintain your self-esteem for a long time to come.