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You'll want to redefine time in your relationship - Pisces Horoscope for Tuesday, December 8, 2020

The astral atmosphere predicts a difficult and tense day which will also be reflected on your health


The sun in quadrant with your regent, Neptune, in your sign, brings a very strong energy of initiation and individuality. You’ll want commitment in your relationship, but, at the same time, you’ll feel the need to redefine your common goals and establish some spaces to be alone.

For those who are single, an ex will try to make their life living hell by badmouthing them to all of their contacts and connections. They might even create a fake profile with the aim of catfishing you. There might be a reason behind such a huge grudge, how did you wrong this person to make them behave like this, Pisces? If this behaviour persist you might have to take legal action.

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None of your plans and projects will go the way you expected. It would appear there’s a dampened energy around you which won’t allow anything to go according to plan this Tuesday. If you have a test you’ll be asked all the things you didn’t revise, if you have a trip there’ll be cancellations, if you work in import-export, there’ll be problems with customs.

There’s an update of your values and beliefs, and you’ll want to cut ties with companies, partnerships or groups of people you no longer feel comfortable with. You can sound radical, but you’ll value your comfort a lot more than usual, and you won’t want to argue with anyone, so the best thing will be to make a quiet exit.


The conjunction of the sun with the North Node will create in your mind a feeling of restriction and limitation which aren’t your usual. You’d prefer to blend into the background a little and watch life “pass you by”, and the unexpected circumstances which will arise throughout the day will firmly confirm that this isn’t your best day.

This might manifest in the form of a headache or pain in your jaw if you clench your teeth due to anxiety.

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