Pisces Thursday on a sky background with shooting stars

Avoid procrastinating or you'll be in trouble - Pisces Horoscope for Thursday, April 8, 2021

Your partner is doubting whether they're wasting their time in your relationship, you'll have to win them back


You long for the affection of a close relative you held in high esteem until they hurt you with their words or indifference. If pride takes over the other person, you should take the first step to try and breach the distance. If, after you give it your best go, the other person remains stuck in their position, the best thing will be to accept that this person no longer wants to have any sort of rapport with you.

Your partner will be a bit distant, some revelations of feelings that have taken place over the past few days will make them reconsider your relationship. They’re assailed by doubt, for example, whether they’re wasting their time. You’ll soon notice they’re taciturn and you’ll have to deploy all of your loving and seduction skills to avoid losing them.


You’ll face this Thursday morning with an excess of confidence in how much time you have. You’ll take it extremely easy, and, by the end of the day, you’ll be in trouble. This is not a day where you can afford to be lazy and distracted by multiple things, Pisces. Focus and manage your time well.

If you have to eat out every day because of your job, a good way of saving money is to take a packed lunch with you. If you don’t have a microwave at work, because you’re on the road, an electric lunch box is your best bet to heat up your food.


The sun is the main cause for aging skin, but it also gives us vitamin D (which is essential in the current situation). Therefore, you must find a balance between exposing yourself to the sunlight for a few minutes and wearing sunscreen the rest of the day.

By the evening you’ll still have a good level of energy, make the most of it to do an intense aerobic session.

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