Pisces Horoscope Monday 2020

Let the experts advice you - Pisces Horoscope for Monday, September 7, 2020

Nostalgia will take over your love life and this will lead to a very romantic day


Pisces who are in a relationship must know that today there’ll be plenty of energy which will be beneficial for imagination. So, you’ll be able to give (and receive) small romantic gestures that will surprise you. It’s a good day to visit the place where you met or where you had your first date. Also, to watch the video of your wedding together and to remember that special moment.

Those who are single won’t have a care in the world, they’ll happily live in the present and they won’t want to think of love, they’ll just want to have fun and go with the flow.

A scene of tears and tantrums can take place when you ask your child to stop playing videogames and go study. Don’t give in to their words and set restrictions of videogames if this is a constant struggle you have. If this happens too often, we recommend you send them to a psychologist.

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If you see your business isn't moving forward, then it’s time to stop for a moment. Look for new perspectives and opinions. Take the risk of trying a new and different, riskier, angle. See the help of professionals if you think you need it, but don’t let them steer you too much and stick to your guns. Success awaits you, go get it.

At work there’ll be a battle over the temperature on the thermostat. Some are too cold and others too hot. There will be no way of reaching an agreement. And, between the temperature and the noise, your patience will be stretched incredibly far.

Moderately risky investments might also go unexpectedly well. But use a small sum of money towards this, save most of it for what you’ve been doing until now.

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With the moon in Taurus you’ll feel tempted to drop your healthy diet.  Many people take September as a second January to start new health goals. Therefore, you should keep eating well and leave sweet treats for special occasions.

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