Pisces Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Good luck in legal or administrative matters - Pisces Horoscope for Wednesday, October 7, 2020

There'll be good communication with your partner and/or good fortune to find love


With Mercury in a harmonious aspect with Venus, you’ll have the power of communication and persuasion to help your beloved understand that personal space is essential in order to have a healthy relationship.

Your partner will understand it because they will also need some space to rekindle old friendships. It will be great for your relationship. When you’re together everything will be rose-coloured, there’ll be affection, love, cuddles and fulfilling sex life. And when you’re with friends or at work you’ll be focused on the present moment without suffocating the other.

Those who are single will have all the energies on their side to find love. You must be alert to the signals other people send you as, sometimes, you can be too naïve, and you don’t notice when someone is flirting with you.

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Those who work in public administration or in legal matters (judges, lawyers) will have the blessing of the astral energies to carry out their tasks efficiently and with a positive mindset. Your mind will be very sharp, and you’ll make the best and fairest decisions.

If you’re a Pisces and have unresolved pending legal matters, it’s a good time to present an appeal, formal complaint or to have these matters ruled in your favour.

If you see that a personal project or company is yielding profit (if you’re self-employed), then you should set aside some of your income to put it towards marketing. This will attract more customers.

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An allergic reaction to animal hair might give you a blocked nose and teary eyes. You won’t have to be in the same room for this to happen, it might happen at a park where someone is grooming their dog.

On a mental level it will be a very sharp day, where you won’t overthink things and you’ll enjoy the present moment.